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Solcoseryl solution for injections 42,5mg/ml ampoules 2ml #25


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Solcoseryl solution for injections 42,5mg/ml, 2ml - 25 ampoules

Manufacturer: Meda Pharma GmbH and Co., Switzerland

Solcoseryl is a deproteinized hemoderivate from the blood of calves, obtained by dialysis and ultrafiltration, containing a wide variety of naturally occurring low molecular weight substances with a molecular weight of 5000 Da, and only some of them are described chemically and pharmacologically.

In vitro tests, as well as in preclinical and clinical studies, it was found that Solcoseryl 25 ampoules:

  • supports aerobic metabolism and oxidant phosphorylation, and thus facilitates the supply of high-energy phosphates to cells that are not getting enough nutrition;
  • enhances (in vitro) oxygen uptake and glucose uptake into tissues and cells that are hypoxia-poor and metabolically depleted;
  • improves the repair and regeneration processes of damaged tissues and / or tissues limited in sufficient nutrients;
  • prevents or reduces secondary degeneration and pathological changes in
  • reversibly damaged cellular systems;
  • accelerates collagen synthesis in in vitro models;
  • stimulates cell proliferation and migration in vitro.

Thus, the drug protects tissues that are in a state of hypoxia and nutritional deficiency, promotes tissue regeneration, accelerates and improves wound healing.

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