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Actovegin 80 mg, 2 ml. (25 ampoules)

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Actovegin 80 mg/ml, 2 ml, 25 ampoules

Actovegin 2 ml #25 - a drug that activates metabolic and regenerative processes in the body’s tissues, as well as improves trophism. It contains the active component hemoderivate obtained by ultrafiltration and dialysis. 2 ml. 25 vials

The use of Actovegin helps to increase tissue resistance to hypoxia, as it stimulates the process of utilization and oxygen uptake. In addition, it helps to activate energy metabolism and glucose consumption. The result is an increase in the energy resource of the cells.

When parenteral administration of the drug occurs, the effect comes in about half an hour or a little earlier. On average, the maximum effect is achieved three hours after ingestion.

As solution, Actovegin can be prescribed according to the description in a number of diseases. In particular, with venous and arterial vascular disorders and associated consequences (angiopathy, trophic ulcers); diabetic polyneuropathy; in the complex treatment of metabolic and vascular disorders of the brain (dysautonomia, lack of blood flow in the brain, dementia, ischemic stroke).

According to the prescriptions, infusions with Actovegin are carried out intraarterially or intravenously. The dosage will depend on the general condition and the severity of the diagnosis. Preferably, the dosage of the drug is 250 ml. In some cases, the initial dose may be increased to 500 ml. The duration of treatment varies from 10 to 20 infusions.

2 thoughts on “Actovegin 80 mg, 2 ml. (25 ampoules)

  1. Allan Hobbs

    I think the drug is very effective, and triggers the brain activity. Generally it was prescribed to me due to anemia and water on the brain. Before the drug, we take Diakarb (diuretic), and then immediately take Actovegin, we undergo the regimen for the third time, so that the fluid is gone and to improve the brain activity.
    Actovegin has calf blood, therefore it helps well, although it is expensive.

  2. Monica

    my doctor and I hoped to improve the clinical presentation of the endometrium, or rather, to achieve its uniform growth. However, the drug hasn’t give much results. Although I’ve been taking it for six months in conjunction with Trental and hormones.


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